Bricklane London: street Art, Food & Fashion

Last weekend, may 2014, I visited London for a blog event called Blogtacular. But there were two other thing I had in mind: food and fashion! London is totally me! Especially Topshop and the young designers, streetfood and streetart on Bricklane.

At Bricklane brewery i spotted this quote: Let's not get caught, let's keep going
At Bricklane brewery i spotted this quote: Let’s not get caught, let’s keep going 

When I visited London for the first time, somewhere around 2001, I also visited the Topshop for the first time. I never saw a shop packed with clothing that are all me. The years after, I kept on dreaming the same dream: I went flying alone to London only to visit this great shop. I I woke very happy every time, but it never came true. Until now. Okay okay, I did not only go to Topshop, I did a whole lot more.

I had lunch with some other bloggers at LEON, a healthy fastfood restaurant, and it was heavenly. I had the halloumi wrap with hummus and the fresh made Lemon juice. The next day, we had a bloggers dinner at Cha Cha Moon. You can compare it to Wagamama only better. I had the tofu in black-bean sauce. And then came sunday. The Bricklane day, where that area is stamped with streetfood from around the world.

I have been a couple of times in Bricklane, but that’s over 10 years ago. Back then, it was only vintage fashion and now you can add loads and loads of food stalls and markets, wow! Such good street food. From Libanese to Vietnamese, from pastry to tofu-dishes. I tasted some great food over there! The area is known as a neighbourhood for imigrants with good indian, middle-east and asian food. I love the dark brick houses and factories and you can find a lot of street art (Banksy ao) which makes it complete.

As for the fashiontrends I spotted on Bricklane:

* Black and white colour blocking
* Bird and Cat prints and some owls
* Oversized shirts and jackets
* Rolled sleeves for t-shirts and jackets
* Lots of graphical prints on DRESSES


London is again on my list again to do a weekend Spittalfields (saturday) and Bricklane (sunday) with my love. Only eating and shopping and drinking some pints.

Check my Topshop, London and Bricklane London pics:

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