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From 3 to 7 november 2014 I went to visit Dublin, Ireland with my good friend Kim Swagemakers from Kimpact. Beneath the article you can find my visual diary of this trip. 

The reason for our visit was the web summit, a conference on digital trends. This blog is the digital update Websummit Dublin and of our citytrip to Dublin.

I visited a likewise international conference twice before, which is called South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. That was such a blast that I hoped this one would be to0. It turned out te be different and less exciting, but still I learned a thing or two.

My takes from the Websummit in Dublin


  •  Start-ups are everywhere and imaginable for every object. Like the toothbrush Kolibree for kids, gamified brushing with an app to become a ninja. An app to create a lighting concept for your home. And more apps connected to the Internet of Thing (IoT for short).
  • I was very interested in the app TouchCast that BBC uses, it’s a looks like video but works like the web. A interactive video camera and player with which you can experience browsable, responsive video, webpages, images and apps.
  • Joanne from Pinterest told about the Pinterest changes of this year. I knew them all, the are really into search. Google for objective search, Pinterest for subjective search. I wrote an article about that myself.
  • Shane from Contently went into new publishing models. I wrote his thoughts on a LinkedIn blog.

The  days in Dublin, the pubs and the people of Dublin were awesome. My takes:


  • Guinness beer tastes really nice!
  • Dublin people are the nicest people I have met. The service in restaurants, shops and bars is really good
  • Dublin is like a fairytale from the old days: the castles, the streets, the churches
  • Dublin has hip bars like Pyg and hip food stores like Falcon and Byrne
  • The best and oldest pub is called The Brazen head. I loved its old interior, the whiskeys and the people there.

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  1. kim 11 november, 2014 at 18:45

    I’d like to add the best lesson learned: ‘Dubliners are Religious Drinkers’!


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