Blogtacular: London baby!

About the blog event Blogtacular, inspiring creative women who blog and strolling around Bricklane! Blogtacular and Bricklane: London Baby, oh yes!

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Blogger Marketplace

This weekend i visited the blog event Blogtacular, as you could read in my last posting with the wrap up of this event. After the event, we had a #postacular bloggers dinner with 55 bloggers at restaurant Cha Cha Moon near Carnaby street. It was a blast to talk to all the women who spoke and/or attended the event, most of them are really creative, having their own businesses and most are mother too. On sunday, I went walking around Bricklane, a thing I did ages ago. It was super nice, my next post will be full of cool London Bricklane pics.

A couple of highlights from Blogtacular:

– The movies of Xanthe Berkeley, photographer/filmer/mother: what a beautiful personal movies, you should really check them out. She also teaches online editing classes, I will start filming more and using some of her golden tips. Who would not want personal movies of a morning routine, or a document of the house they lived in for years, or a movie of your family holiday? She makes it looks so easy! Her tip: practice, practice, practice.

– Talking to the wonderful Allison Sadler, who is running The People shop in Birmingham with cool clothes she and her husband make themselves. And not only that, she also organizes workshops sewing which is more about a group of women coming together and drinking cocktails than about the sewing itself. And on top of that she started Make it #sewcial on mondays, where everybody in the whole world can join in by posting their DIY on Instagram and Allison (or others) will comment.

– The keynote of Anne Ditmeyer, also known for her travel/designblog Pret a Voyager. I learned a lot from her presentation, she is hammering on the fact that NOBODY SHOULD WORK FOR FREE, especially bloggers, who actually should be paid double because they write, take the photo’s AND do the promotion of the concept/product on social media. She earns her money by her Paris design-tours you can book through Vayable (who are always featuring┬áher because her walks rock) and through her e-courses of map-making and Indesign on Skillshare. She encourages other bloggers to also find their product and not turn to advertising only.

– My blog friend Yvonne, famous in the UK and the Netherland as Yvestown, rocked the Library of the Royal Institute of Great Britain with her keynote about what’s next for blogging. She just write a book called Yvestown in the kitchen, which is the start of a whole series. She is quiting blogging and launching her magazine on ISSUU in the fall. She does this, because she wants to deliver more content in one environment than just a single blogpost every time.


Here are the pics I took of Blogtacular: London baby!



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