First 2014 post on bloggingplatform Medium

For a year now, I am wondering what the next steps in blogging are. On a technical level that is.
My opinion is that we do not have to have our own blogs anymore, and we do not have to maintain 10 different social media platforms in order to get people to read you. But what will this platform look like? I would love to develop this product, and that’s my goal this year. Or find a platofrm like that, and I think bloggingplatform Medium is one of the particiapnts, the bloggersplatform of Ev Williams and Biz Stone (from Twitter).


This is what they say about Medium on The Next Web:
If blogs were bars, Medium is probably the hippest place to be seen at right now. Not only was it started by Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone, but has a ‘social layer’ — which includes a feature letting users edit and annotate other people’s work, while it obviously integrates well with Twitter.

And here the link to my  first blogpost on Medium:
“Bloggers are the rockstars of the future”

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