6 examples of snackable visual content you can create easily

So HOW do you do it? Create visual content? How to get your message across in one image or short video? Be like a boss. Experiment. Use apps. Create visual content, SNACKABLE content.

Snackable visual Content, a terrible word, but it describes what we mean. Short video content.
And the shorter te content, the harder it is to get your message across.
So that is also greatest challenge of this time: 10 second video content, the format for Snapchat.
Can you create that? You better start experimenting if you want to reach the new generation.
I am going to show you some interesting platforms and formats to use and experiment with.

  1. Emojis. These are the ten most popular images. Why use words for emotions when you can show it all in one image? Even Facebook realised this and added 6 emoji’s to the comments. They researched for years what emotions are most used in Facebook posts. What can we learn from this? Positivity is much more spread on social than Negativity. We like to show our good sides.
  2. There is an app for that. There is so much new content to discover. So try it out. Download all the apps in the app store and go play. Go create. These are a few examples that are so much fun. Boomerang is a free app from Instagram, it creates sort of gifs, very very short videos which repeat.
  3. Instagram. I will let you in on the secret of Instagram. And it is: focus. Show photos with the same subject like this account who show his breakfast every morning, photographed the same way, published at the same time. This is focus. There are different kind of focus. You can use the same filter. Photograph the same subject. Use the same angle in every photo.
    I cannot do it. I want to photograph everything. You can see this in my Instagram feed, I want to experiment with visual content and can’t keep focus.
  4. Snapchat. Photo’s and doodling or video with a max of 10 secs. Raw and realtime, nothing to create and publish later. If you want to show it, you have to create it now. So it is a challenge that when you want to do an interview, you have to prepare and get everything ready because you have to do it with then seconds pieces of video. Get your questions ready, prepare the one you interview that he answers in 10 seconds.
  5. Youtube. Vlogging is huge and has been embraced by a lot of young people. This biggest vlogger in the world is a 26 year Swedish guy who plays games. He is bigger than every tv channel or program in the world. He is three times bigger than the most popular tv show: the ellen-show. A lot of companies still don’t know how to create compelling videos. That’s why the people have grown so popular because people want video-content.
  6. Livestreaming. Are there any people livestreaming here? You can put out a livestream through Periscope, a channel owned by Twitter. So when you have a lot of follwers on Twitter, and you have an older audience, Periscope is your channel. But if your audience is on Facebook, try Facebook live. Even Youtube has a livestreaming option. And why should you use livestreaming? Because we can! We can livestream concerts, events, movie-releases. And so we do. Challenging the copyright laws, which have to change because this is happening and we cannot stop it.

Those were some examples of creating compelling visual content for the new social media channels. Now go CREATE!

Here is the presentation that goes along with this article:

This article is part of the presentation I did at Social Media Week Malaysia 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. I was invited there to talk to you about the future of content creation. I am Kirsten Jassies, a dutch social media specialist. I help companies like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, KLM and T-Mobile with their social strategy with a focus on visual content for Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

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