Visual and social commerce through Instagram and Pinterest

We are getting to an Era everything piece of content online is shoppable if there is a product mentioned. I see something I want to buy it. NOW. How do you cope with that when you are a company or webshop?

Until now it all was separated: inspiration through magazines and blogs and you then went on buying in webshops. Now media and other websites realise this and more and more connect with webshops through affiliate to sell the product they write about.
And the other way around it works too: webshops starting to inspire through blogs or publishing paper magazines, like Net-a-porter. So webshops becoming inspiration sites and Inspiring sites becoming webshops.
BUT. Then Instagram and Pinterest came. Social channels that made us look at the most beautiful pictures of clothes and products. I want to have that, screaming from your little smartphone screen. How do i get this dress from this gorgeous Instagrammer? Where can I buy this dropdead headphones I saw on Pinterest? I personally bought a lot of products you see on my pinboards ‘Fashion’ and ‘Products I Love’.

Buying from Instagram
Instagram is popular because of it is a mobile personal photo album, a peek in the lives of people. The ones that publish the most beautiful pictures, or have the coolest lives, will have the most followers. Instagram is mostly used for telling a visual story about yourself or a brand. So how can you let people know that the products on your pictures are for sale when you cannot post a link with your photo? The simple way: tell it in your profile text where they can buy it. Or put a link in your text to a Instagram landingspage.
If you want to promote quicker or grow faster you can try advertising. If you advertise, you have the opportunity to put a link with every picture you post, or even try a carousel with different product. Paying means more possibilities.

Buying from Pinterest
Pinterest is a social visual channel that is seen as the worlds biggest wishlist. Everything you see online and you want to collect or buy, you pin on a specific Pinterest board. I also called Pinterest Google for women.
If we want to buy a red coat, most women go to Pinterest and they are ready to buy! Although I have to say Google Shopping is pretty good too, but that’s only since two years and the things you see on Pinterest has been curated.
So tip number one if you have a mobile webshop is to have beautiful images of your products. So not only product images, but also inspirational images with a lot of styled products. Publish these images on your website or webshop and then pin them on your boards. But you can do so much more, just look at how fashion retailer Nordstrom uses Pinterest for their stores and also their collection. Whats is popular on Pinterest Nordstrom will buy more and promote it in the stores with a Pinterest label. Love that!
In the US you can also advertise on Pinterest with a BUY-it button, works just like on Instagram.

This is the presentation I gave at Social Media Week Malaysia 2016 in Kuala Lumpur:

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