The Future of Fashion #SXstyle 2015

Is the future of fashion couture or code? We already have 3D printed make-up, i-beacon shopping, smart dressing rooms & custom clothes and this is just the beginning! I bundled all interesting articles, tweets and pics from the #SXstyle sessions about the Future of Fashion.


For two years I visited the festival SXSW in Austin Texas and I loved it. It’s about music, movies and tech. I am especially interested in the Future of Fashion and there are more and more sessions about that topic on this conference/festival. This year I could not make it to Austin, so i curated the sessions through social media.

I used the app Flipboard instead of my usual Storify because I could curate faster from this tool, it’s more visual. The collection of tweets and articles has become a Flipboard magazine on the Future of Fashion!

View my Flipboard Magazine.


Best #SXstyle quotes about the future on fashion I read:[star_list]

  • In the future, fashion brands might not sell physical products, but files. Design is where they will ad value
  • The stores of tomorrow are going to become the cataglogues of today. Physical retail will become marketing rather than sales
  • Screens are the new store-front
  • Retailers should think of their in-store experience like a web experience. Entrance = homepage, Browsing = search
  • With one-click shopping option on your mobile store, why not drop the basket all together
  • In the future of purchasing, companies need to know their customers: know who I am, what I like, what I bought
  • Fashion and tech colliding! “Geek chic”, the new buzzword
  • Question about wearables: what if the fashion industry was about prevention rather than consumption?
  • Smart fabrics could help drive a shift to more sustainable, less throw-away fashion
  • Is the future of fashion couture or code?
  • Part of personalization in Fashion is developing a personal relationship to the designer
  • Top tips for success in fashion: creating relationships is key. Sell yourself before your product
  • Via the web you can now see fashionshows the same time Anna Wintour does. And that gives you power
  • Consumer created content like blogs&youtube videos have more impact on shoppers than traditional marketing
  • Bringing more people into the global fashion conversation democratizes what is popular and trendy
  • 3D printed Make-up, beacon shopping, smart dressing rooms & custom clothes all on the horizon for fashion fans  [/star_list]

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