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No more than a week before I am speaking at the event ‘Meet the blogger’ in Stockholm. This blog is about how it all started with meet the blogger, a great network with European lifestyle bloggers, and how I am involved.

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Meet the blogger 2011, Hotel V Amsterdam
I was sponsoring meet the blogger the first time, with the home deco magazine vtwonen. I wrote a blog about it in march 2011. Liselore Stuut is the organizer of all the events, she is doing such a great job. This year she is being helped by lifeblogger Mary-Ellen Paul, from HOP interiors.. Blogger Holly Becker from Decor8 was a keynote speaker in 2011 and there were two more inspiring talks: the women behind Flavourites and Marije from Lilly’s cupcakes. What stroke me was that the keynotes were cool, but the event was more about networking. All bloggers were so nice to each other! Something that is different in the magazine world I am in with Sanoma Media. Magazines, even within Sanoma are competitors and treat eachother that way. I decided I want to be more involved with bloggers from that day on. I also saw it was necessary for an ‘old media’ company like Sanoma, where I work, to cooporate with the new media (bloggers!).

Meet the blogger 2012, Conservatorium hotel Amsterdam
The second time, I sponsored the event again with vtwonen. This time we had an award: the vtwonen lifestyle blogger award. Irene from BloesemBlog won the award and Jantine from April&May won as runner up. She now has an amazing 4 million followers on Pinterest!
Inspiring keynote speaker was Frida Ramstedt, a famous blogger in Sweden who has her own iPad magazine.

Meet the blogger at home deco event called ‘woonbeurs’
I really wanted the bloggers to come and see the ‘Woonbeurs’ and write about it. And so they did. We invited 30 of them and they had their own stand on the event. It was so great, we had so much free publicity and the bloggers got a chance to show their blog in real live and talk to brands, shops and magazines. I will do the same thing this year, with one change: bloggers can really blog, and do not have to be in their stand all day. We will provide workingspaces (hopefully in the homes of the magazines) so they can really write and blog.

Meet the blogger 2013 Stockholm
Next week will be my first time in Sweden, even my first time in Scandinavia. I am so exited! I am going to speak about the rise of visual content, I have so much examples I would love to share with all the bloggers! I will give them inspiration, tools and apps with which you can create your own visual content. I will join the designtour on sunday. Hope you will come to listen! Check it out: Meet the blogger Stockholm

My next blog this week will be about beautybloggers byaranka, everythingtim, beautyill and beautyfreak.


  1. Iris Vank 27 januari, 2013 at 18:48

    Mooi om het zo op een rij te zien!!

  2. Iris Vank 27 januari, 2013 at 18:49

    En oja, veel plezier en succes in Stockholm. Jammer dat ik er niet bij kan zijn!

  3. iris 28 januari, 2013 at 14:49

    Leuk! Ik verheug me er enorm op šŸ™‚

  4. maike - 31 januari, 2013 at 22:28

    hor kirsten tot morgen of over morgen, kijk uit naar je praatje!


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