Madonna on Instagram: #rebelheart or social nitwit?

My #instagramTIP today comes from Madonna who released controversial images for her new campaign and album #REBELHEART on Instagram for which she apologized. Rebelheart cover MadonnaThe question is: Madonna on Instagram: #rebelheart or social nitwit?
This is evidence that Instagram is a big and popular social media channel that has to be taken seriously and you have to think about what you post! Especially when you are Madonna.
The images she apologized for are defaced images of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley with accompanying text that these people were rebelhearts she loved. She did not remove the images though. Still a little rebel?

This❤️#rebelheart sang about ONE LOVE!

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She is accused of racism and the images were called “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” She got a lot of Instagram comments like: “I can’t believe you would stoop this low…You’re commandeering other people’s likenesses and other photographers COPYWRITTEN images for your own pathetic agenda.” Another commented under the image of Nelson Mandela:  “He fought for freedom not to promote your album! Shame on you! You’re old enough to know better!” Source of these comments is this article on the UK Independent.
Madonna does write street language with her Instapics on purpose to be ‚down with the kids’ and she did accuse the leak of her demo as  “artistic rape” and “a form of terrorism”. So does she not get social media or is it just the controversial Madonna we know? In an article on the Guardian the writer says Madonna is just crap at social media.

  Real Rebels think for themselves! Real Rebels respect ART! Real Rebels are Rebels in their ❤️#rebelheart   Ein von Madonna (@madonna) gepostetes Foto am

I think she just isn’t used to getting REAL TIME responses like we are used to now on the internet.
She did the same before only people could not respond directly. Because of social media we are much more in contact with the stars. Being controversial online brings a lot of shit and trolls with it, take one look at some youtube comments and you know what I am talking about. What do you think?

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