Twelve Instagramtips: creative photofeed, shoppable pics and getting featured

I have another 12 great InstagramTIPS for you. From shoppable pics to creative photofeeds and from getting featured to scheduling your posts. I also found some wonderful food artists and India-photographers I love to share with you.

I would like to start with sharing a video a company called VersCommuniceert made of me, they interviewed me about Instagram.
The video is in Dutch, but let me translate my tips from the video:

Instagram is a simple mobile app, in which you can take the picture, edit the picture and upload it to the community. Instagram is famous for it’s filters, but since they added the superb manualy adjustments filters are almost outdated.

Three tips to become good at Instagram: 
1. Excellent photos, a strong visual story, a well-balanced photo-feed
2. Relevant supporting text with the images, a good and appropriate description
3. Using hashtags wisely, you can do research on sites like

Instagram Ins & Outs from VERS Communiceert on Vimeo.

And here are my 12 Instagramtips for this month:

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