How to create simple and original video content

Video is booming. Video is king. Especially for bloggers, because what better way for your audience to get to know you better than through video?
This blogpost is about how to create simple and original video content. I have found some good examples that I think are great. And some tips how to create them yourselves!


Animated gif’s have exploded. They are moving images that look like a video. Or a video slowed down.
You can find them everywhere on the web, websites like Buzzfeed and Mashable are crazy about them. There is a searchengine especially for animated gifs called Giphy You can create them with apps or desktop applications, you can find a list here.  You can use them for fun or just beautiful content, especially for good quotes or bites from a movie.



Funny kids, comedians, they are the best at creating (cheap) video. I just love Bunny, aka Grav3yardgirl, the beautyvlogger known for her very creative and hilarious concept: HOW DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK? This concept is brilliant: she does what all the beautybloggers do, she tests beautyproducts, but does it in a really funny, sarcastic way. In her own room/house, nothing fancy. In the Netherlands we have beautyblogger Teske. I love her concept: Japanese Candy test. The biggest vloggers are gamers: they review games by playing it (the so-called walkthroughs) and commenting at the same time. Check out the largest gamer in the world: Pewdiepie with 27 million youtube fans. He made 36 million dollar last year.


Since apps VINE and Instagram offer video the world is at your feet. Video is booming and Instagram and Youtube offer a big audience at the same time. The short video concepts on Vibe and Instagram look easy, but are they?
I recently found Bartsfishtales on Instagram who has grown rapidly with a good concept, although not perfect. It’s not nescessary to be perfect because he has almost 70.000 fans. He makes short cooking video’s for fish receipes. When VINE launched, the video app for 6 second video, a lot of creatives went nuts, but I see less of that creatice stuff nowadays. I liked the 6 second breakfast tips from Bon appetite magazine.

The success of Vine is that this channel is purely video and a lot of creatives have embraced the concept. A very nice searchengine for Vine is Vinebox. Creating a clear concept in 6 seconds is more complicated than the (max) 15 seconds video Instagram offers. But… did you also notice a dropdown in video-uploads on Instagram, or is it just me?

I love the Instagram videos thar photographer and blogger Jamie Beck makes, under the name AnnStreetStudio. She creates video for advertisers also, like for Lincoln cars and Armani glasses. My take from these concepts: think of a great short movie format you can create over and over. Clothing advice in 10 seconds. Little Styling tips. Parenting advice. Travelbloggers should do short clips from destinations, and then always with the same beginning. Or from details from a hotel. Enough ideas!

I am on the verge to follow online courses ‘video’ from video-heroes Kat from Zero the one or Xanthe Berkely. Both are women that are able to put real emotion in video and that makes the vids beautiful. An online course is not expensive. Kat’s portrait video workshop costs you 20$ on a platform called Skillshare. Xanthe’s workshop is called ‘Creating a time capsules‘, it costs 77 pounds. The image beneath is the openingshot for one of her videos.


Create a video that is shopable to earn back your investment

If you already have an engaged online audience you could create videos that are shopable, to earn back the production costs. That means you add links to the video where you talk about or show products. Viewers can buy the products immediately. Click here to see the video we created with Blogtoday for Negin Mirsalehi and Marie Claire, it’s called ‘Summer in the city‘ and the links are added with software called Taggled.



Do you have some creative ideas yourself? Or examples I should know about? Please let me know in the comments or through social.


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