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As most of you know, I am in Chicago now for the Blogher conference with Cynthia Schultz, aka Misslipgloss. Chicago is blowing our minds and the conference is really interesting until now. Today we go for day two with Guy Kawasaki, monitzation your blog, finding your Instagram voice and many other sessions.
The Blogher conference is being held for the ninth time and more than 5.000 women will attend. Yesterday was my first day, we could choose from pathfinder, healthfinder or viewfinder day. Me and Cynthia choose viewfinder day. The sessions were about finding your visual voice with inspirational personal keynotes and panels. I will tell you about one now, the other ones I will save for later. A video panel┬á with gorgeous women from the youtubechannel The Mom’s View and a session about the psychology of photography, where I learned a lot!

White on Rice visual storytelling duo
Couple Diane-Su and Todd make stories together, stories through photography and video. They specialize in food. Their voice is messy, but not sloppy. It’s about the moment, the experience. In the foodindustry there are a couple of trics to do poached eggs and they made a video about it and it is so damn beautiful, watch it here.

They had two spot on quotes:

Your eyes are your lens. Your heart is your shutter.






Your imperfections convey depth, meaning, authenticity and soul to your unique voice.

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